Just a thought about selling a home.   Sellers want the most money for the least amount of hassle.  buyers want the most home for the least amount of money.   But what really sells a home?  What is it that brings buyers and sellers together?   Many say real estate is "location, location, location". However that is only part of the selling picture.  Location directs the buyer to where they want to be and it dictates value as a whole.  The price of the home is the key ingredient to selling a home.  Buyers know how much they want to spend and where.  Price leads them to the right house in the area the buyer is looking to be.  The house price must be based on type/style, condition, amenities and of course location.   If you get this price wrong and you are too high, buyers will come see the home but not make an offer.  Sellers wait for this.   The buyers will move on to a home that matches what they had in mind for that price.  The buyer does not want that house....even for less money.   Every once in a while there will be the brave buyer with the aggressive offer that the seller will work with.   But it is rare.   

Listen to your agent.  Listen to the market.  Price it to attract the right buyer group.  You will be on the market less time and get closer to  your asking price.   The buyers are waiting for you.  Don't market to the wrong group in hopes for an offer!